Graduate Training Programme
Small Business Awards

Issue 1 2004

Small Chicken Farm


  • Construction of chicken shed
  • Development of site: refers to bulldozing & leveling
  • Water and Plumbing costs: includes the installation of Water Tanks and Water Pumps
  • Infrastructure construction: These are contractual work on maintenance of roads, drains, etc.

Do You Meet The Following Requirements?

  • are at least 21-years old
  • are a Fiji-Citizen
  • are a full-time and bona-fide farmer
  • are a Current Grower Contract- Holder with Goodman Fielder or Padarath Chicken for no less than seven (7) years
  • Is your leased land area more than five (5) acres
  • Is your farm accessible by road & located along the Navua, Lomaivuna- Nausori- Korovou corridor or within the Ba-Tavua- Lautoka corridor.
Maximum Loan: 80% of the Total Project Cost
Interest Rate: 8% per annum
Interest is charged on daily balance and automatically charged to your account monthly
Term Of Loan: 8 years maximum term inclusive of grace period
Equity Contribution: A minimum of 20% of total project cost*
*This may include cash, the value of the land or costs incurred to acquire the same & improvements made.
Security Required
(to adequately cover loan amount and may include)
  • First Mortgages or Notification over Land Lease
  • Bill of Sale over asset owned or to be purchased
  • Assignment over Chicken proceeds from Goodman Fielder Ltd or Padarath Chicken
  • Personal Guarantees
  • Any other appropriate security
The security will vary based on projects & loan amount. Borrowers will not be permitted to encumber their assets further without Bank’s written approval.
Repayments Quarterly proceeds from Goodman Fielder or Padarath Chicken.
The Bank reserves the right to deduct above normal repayments whenever required.
  • Class “J” Lease
  • Co-operatives
  • Group Ownership
  • Absentee Farmers
Fees & Charges The Bank’s standard fees and charges will apply (refer brochure)

Documents To Be Provided When Lodging Your Application

  1. Registered Title with long term lease or Current Lease for land area not less than five (5) acres with unexpired term of not less than ten (10) years
  2. A written Grower Contract with Goodman Fielder or Padarath Chicken for no less than 7years
  3. Evidence of selection recommended by the Bank and Goodman Fielder
  4. A letter of Recommendation from the Poultry Section of Ministry of Agriculture
  5. A Construction Contract that includes three (3) appropriate quotations from reputable contractors (at a fixed contract price) to construct the proposed chicken shed, infrastructure, plumbing works and site levelling costs.

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