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Issue 1 2004

Small Business Awards


A message of support from

Mr Isireli Koyamaibole

CEO of the Ministry of Commerce, Business Development & Investment


SME�s provide the greatest opportunity for creating employment and wealth in the medium to long-term development of our country.  About 64% of the labour force is engaged in SME�s.


The vision of the government is to be the driving corporate force behind the uplifting of SME�s in Fiji through a sustained and bold search for excellence and creativity in achieving quality growth.


The FDB National Small Business Awards is the start of a process to recognizing and rewarding these types of entrepreneurship.


I would like to thank Fiji Development Bank for their initiative and commitment to small business development and in pioneering and sponsoring this national event.



Message from the CED Chairperson

Ms Anjna Deb


Welcome to the 1st ever FDB National Small Business Awards.


This year, the FDB in conjunction with the Committee for Enterprise Development (CED) is recognizing innovative and sustainable projects.    By having this award, we hope to promote more small business entrepreneurship to start, sustain itself and grow bigger.  It is to reward your sacrifice and commitment.


The Award will also acknowledge local journalists whose work increases awareness of small business development in Fiji. 


Judging will be assessed by a panel of distinguished individuals from reputable organizations involved in small business.


Thank you to Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat and Department of Cooperative & Small Businesses for being a category sponsor. Other supportors of the Coop include companies and associations including the MSG Merchant Group and National Asssociation of Women.


I encourage you to enter the competition and reward yourself for all the hard work put into establishing your business.  Congratulations on coming this far.  All the best.

It seeks to recognize outstanding achievement in a range of practices relating to small business.


There is a growing popularity and presence of SME�s in the country, and the theme inspiring creativity and innovation acknowledges the administrators commitment to encouraging value adding, skills based and sustainable projects.


The Awards is a result of the vision of the Committee for Enterprise Development (CED), comprising of service providers for SME�s, in promoting SME development in Fiji.



Business Awards

1.        Food processing

2.        Beekeeping

3.        Agriculture

4.        Manufacturing

5.        Handicraft

6.        Tourism

7.        Floriculture

8.        Fabric Arts

9.        Service

10.    Special award � for a unique attribute in the entrepreneur or business



Leadership Award


Small Business Journalism

This targets the radio, television, print media reporters and editors whose work increases public understanding of the importance of small business contributions to the economy.  Entrants will be judged on the content and depth of their articles published or broadcast on small business development in the country from 1st Jul 2003 to 10th September 2004. 



The winners of each category will receive $1,000 each, runners-up $500 with an engraved plaque.  There will only be one winner for the Special and Small Business Journalism Award of $1,000 each with plaque.



Applications will be assessed on the following criteria - Innovativeness of product or service offered, Business result, Continued growth and survival, contributions to community.


For the journalism award, Entrants will be judged on the content and depth of their articles published or broadcast on small business development in the country. 


Judging will done in two sequences � the first screening will go through EVALUATORS with the final decision by a REVIEW PANEL. 


The volunteer Judges are qualified and respected professionals in society.


All finalists (except for the Journalism award) will be contacted to arrange an interview and site visit at their business location (if and when necessary).


The following are the organizations that will be part of the judging panel:


Evaluators - Fiji Development Bank (FDB), National Center for Small & Micro Enterprise Development (NCSMED), Ministry of Youth, Employment Opportunities & Sports, Department of Cooperatives and Small Business and the UNDP � Pacific Sustainable Microfinance and Livelihoods through Empowerment Programs (PSLP).


Review Panel - Forum Secretariat, Fiji Institute of Accountants, FCCI, Fiji Indigenous Business Council and Women In Business.






















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