Opportunity In Developmental Financing
Manager Asset Management

Issue 1 2004
Diwali Celebration 2003

Real Estate Investment

(Purchase/Construction of Rental Accommodation)

Do You Meet The Following Requirements?

For Individuals

  1. Are you at least 21-years-old, a Fiji Resident &
  2. Belong to ONE of the following groups:
    • A Fijian registered in the Vola ni Kawa Bula?
    • A Rotuman registered in the Rotuman Birth Register?
    • A General Elector registered in the General Electors Electoral Roll and is of Melanesian or Polynesian or Micronesian origin?

For A Company, Partnership Or Cooperative,
Is the business 100% owned by people who fulfill the Requirements 1 & 2 above?

Client Type Loan Amount(F$) Interest Rate
Individuals,Partnerships& Cooperatives First $0.5m 8% p.a
Above $0.5m 13.5% p.a
Tikina & Provincial Councils First $1m 8% p.a
Above $1m 13.5% p.a
Interest is calculated on daily balance and automatically charged to your account monthly
Client Type Loan Amount(F$) Interest Rate
Individuals,Partnerships or Cooperatives Up to $0.5m 20% of Total Project Cost
Above $0.5m 35% of TPC
Tikina, Provincial Councils Up to $1m 20% of TPC
Above $1m 35% of TPC
Project Type Term Of Loan
For Construction Maximum of 20 years
For Purchase Maximum of 15 years
  • Residential building in Housing Authority estates
  • Executive houses for rental
  • Rental for occupation by Family/Relatives
Security required
(to adequately cover loan amount and may include)
  • Mortgage
  • Debentures
  • Adequate Insurance Cover
  • Joint & Several Guarantees by Directors & Share- holders of the Company
  • Bill of Sale
  • First Assignment over rental proceeds
  • Other collateral security



Documents To Be Provided When Lodging Your Application

  1. 3 Quotations for Construction
  2. Construction Contract – An Executed Fixed Price Contract for work to be undertaken
  3. Copy of Building Plans & Specifications for Building Construction
  4. Sales & Purchase Agreement or Letter of Offer for purchase of the property
  5. Business Plan
  6. Independent Valuation of Property
  7. Right of Land Use/Building Use - Copy of Registered Title or Current Lease over land & Tenancy Agreement (term of lease must exceed loan term)
  8. Details of Other Borrowings and provide confirmation
  9. Financial projections for 3 years
  10. Financial Accounts for last 3 years (for companies)
  11. Engineers Certificate
  12. Confirmation of Tenancy Offer with full details for duration of loan

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