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Choice Home Loan Press Release

Issue 1 2004

Choice Home Loan Press Release




Owning your own home is everyone's dream. It's not only a smart investment, but it says you've made it!

FDB Head Office - Monday 27th September 2004


Today, Monday 27th of September 2004, FDB will launch its Choice Home Loan Package at its Head Office in Suva.  A press conference will be held at the FDB Training Room (1st level) at 4pm followed by the official launch at 5pm.


The FDB Choice Home Loan has 4 Products: Home Purchase - Owner Occupied or Investment, Refinancing, Home Equity & Line of Credit


Home Purchase

With Choice Home Loan, it provides workable solutions for almost anybody looking to take that big step. Even if you have special credit needs, we have a loan that can work for you and Customized to fit your financial situation. 


Choice Home Loan Investment allows you to use your property wisely.  You can earn additional income from this investment and have that added comfort of securing the future for your family today.



Take advantage of the Choice Home Loan lower rates by replacing your existing mortgage with our new, lower interest loan.  It will save you money both monthly and over the life of the loan.


Home Equity

Turn your home�s value into cash.  Choice Home Loan offers debt consolidation and also loan modification underwritten through EMS... it's easy for you to simplify your life with one monthly payment, pay off higher rate credit cards, rebuild your credit and take control of your finances. 


Line of Credit

This is an extension of the Home Loan facility that allows you to take cash for personal use derived from 50% of the difference between your equity and your loan eligibility.  This will operate as a separate account and can only be offered if the principal home loan is held with FDB.


The redraws can be used to purchase white goods, take that dream holiday you�ve always dreamed of, pay for the children�s education, continue your further studies and so much more.


To know of your eligibility, visit the nearest FDB office immediately.



Features of the Choice Home Loan include:


q       Choice of fixed or variable rates:

Fixed for 1 year:  4.50%

Fixed for 2 Years:  5.00%

Fixed for 3 Years:  6.25%

Fixed for 5 Years:  6.75%

Variable Rate:  7.95%


q       Redraw facility

q       48 hours decision time

q       100% financing provided conditions are met

q       Maximum loan term of 30 years for owner occupied

q       No Bill of Sale over any item that you purchase � all covered under the mortgage

q       Lowest fees & charges



FDB�s Choice Home Loan is here to make you ENJOY THE GOOD LIFE at so little cost.


Call on Our Help

Like to know more about Choice Home Loans?  Drop into an FDB branch nearest you, call us on 3314 866 or email us on info@fijidevelopmentbank.com.  We will arrange for one of our Relationship Managers and Home Loan Managers to visit you.


About FDB

Set up in 1967, FDB was formed to provide finance, financial and advisory services to assist in the economic development of Fiji and in particular in the development of agriculture, commerce and industry. 


In early 2004, the Bank implemented its restructure plans to ensure its sustainability and gradually remove its reliance on assistance from the government.  It has adopted a commercial concept in managing its corporate clients and at the same time maintaining its development role of assisting agricultural and small business entrepreneurs. 


Our vision is to be the leading development financing institution in Fiji and in the South Pacific





Tukana Bovoro


Fiji Development Bank







Contact Information

Mr Nafitalai Cakacaka

Area Manager Central

Fiji Development Bank

P � 3314 866

F � 3314 886

E � nafitalai.cakacaka@fdb.com.fj

W -www.fijidevelopmentbank.com



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